SpaResources.Com Disclaimer, You MUST read this!
I did not want to put a lot into this, but unfortunately in the litigous society in which we live, I must, so here goes... and please pay attention to what is said here!

Servicing spas and hot-tubs can be dangerous!  In the process of working on your tub, the following adverse situations can happen:
  • You can be killed or injured by electrocution, fire, or drowning.
  • You can harm your equipment, rendering it useless, requiring expensive replacement parts.
  • Your actions in working on your spa can harm or kill others.
  • Your actions in working on your spa can lead to fire, which can destroy your spa, your deck, and even your home.
  • Your actions in working on your spa can lead to total drainage of the spa, causing flooding of your home, and potentially dangerous electrical shock situations.
If you do not know what you are doing, then do not use the information contained on this site to service your spa!


The information compiled here is the result of many hundreds of hours of field service, performed by trained and skilled personnel in the fields of electricity, electronics, and electrical safety. 

Much of what you see here will not match your particular spa, your installation, or your troubleshooting situation.  This "free"  information is provided as a general guide only.

It is up to you, the reader/user of the information presented here, to determine the suitability for use in your particular situation, and at no time will the owners of SpaResources.Com be responsible for the outcome of any particular situation regarding servicing your equipment.

Remember: Don't mix you, water, and electricity... ever!  You can be killed!