Spa Control System hook up, Gecko Pro-Pack, 115V Previous

This shows how a Gecko ProPack is connected in the 115V, Low Current Operation Mode.  This mode of operation allows the spa control to operate on a lower voltage range.   The only difference between the high current and low current mode is that the heater is deactivated when the pump or blower is switched on by the operator.  Additionally, the heater power is reduced to approximately 1200 watts, due to the fact that it is only being powered by half the rated voltage.
Safety Warnings!
Remove Power from the spa/hot tub BEFORE working on your spa/hot-tub!  Failure to comply with this requirement can lead to electrical shock and/or electrocution!
When connecting one of these, it is best to strip the insulation on the wires back about 1/2 inch before running the cord into the spa pack.
Routing the power cord Connecting the individual wires

With the wire fully inserted, tighten the screws well.  Be sure that they are tight enough that they won't vibrate loose.
Tighten the connections!

Note the white jumper on the top two connections  
This jumper is ONLY used in the 115 Volt configuration.  If it isn't installed, the heater won't operate. 

If the cord restraining block is too large to hold the cord properly, wrap some electrical tape around the cord.

Once that's done, the top jumper on the circuit board will need to be moved to the 'LC' position.  Needle-nose pliers can be used to carefully do this.
Configuration Jumpers. Changing the jumpers

Making room for the pump motor location.  
Once everything else is connected and configured properly, the last thing is to plug in the control panel.  The plug should be installed on the circuit board pins with the wire coming from the left, as shown here.  Be sure to get all of the pins connected, as it is easy to offset the plug to the top or bottom.