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These pages will give you an idea of what you can do with an older spa. The following spa retro-fits were done using the Gecko Pro-Pack.

The following pictures are from a customers installation progress as he worked on and re-configured the spa control for a Pacific Marquis spa...
Overall View of this Pacific Marquis Spa,
(this beautiful spa was purchased -dead- for $300.00).
Original Pacific Marquis side control 
panel for this spa.

This shows the initial configuration before the installation of the spa pack.  A new Vico style spa pump was installed, (with the green rebuilt motor).  This particular Pacific Marquis spa has two spa pumps, and no blower, so the Pro-Pack is ideal for this installation.  The pre-existing service valves allow for removal of the pack for service or heater element replacement if necessary, without draining the spa.

Installation almost complete.  At this point the customer was going to replace the Valterra slicer valve at the suction side of the pump.  Note that the spa pack was only held in place by the plumbing.  At last contact, this customer was enjoying his newly configured spa, and was looking to replace pump number 2; with a side discharge pump such as a 1.5" Vico or Aqua-Flo.

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